Bible Study

Spiritual Practices— Listening for God
March 1—Prayer Beads: Prayer beads engages our God-given senses of touch and sight to coax prayer from the head into the heart. 
March 8—Iconography/Visio Divina – presentation to the history of Iconography and the significance that it played in the early days of Christianity. Followed by a guided meditation focusing on a selected icon.
March 15—Journaling – Journaling is a tool for reflecting on God’s presence, guidance and nurture in daily comings and goings.  Journals can be kept regularly or not, or during times of transition.  Journaling can include writing, drawing, images, poems articles etc.  There is no right or wrong way in journaling, it just allows us to slow down and reflect on where God shows up in our everyday lives.
March 22—Lexio Divina – the practice of hearing God speak to us through Scripture.  It requires an open, reflective, listening posture alert to the voice of God.  A short Scripture reading is read at least 3 times, with time between each reading to reflect on a word or phrase that resonates within us. 
March 29—Soul Collage – is a time of community as we gather to make collaged cards from provided images from magazines.  It is a process for self-discovery and community as we share our cards at the end of the class.
These Sessions will be repeated during our Lenten Wednesday Soup-Supper-Service beginning Wednesday March 1 at 6:00 p.m.

ZOOM LINK-10:30am: click here
Meeting ID: 851 5770 0410 (Please contact the church office for the passcode)



Christianity without discipleship is always Christianity without Christ.

Just as love of God begins with listening to his word, so the beginning of love for our brothers and sisters is learning to listen to them.
―  (Dietrich Bonhoeffer: Life Together)

We Are Becoming

This life is not devoutness, but becoming devout;

not health, but becoming healthy;
not being, but becoming, and
not resting, but doing.

We are not yet what we should be, but we are becoming what we should be.

Martin Luther, Meditation on Philippians 3:13

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